Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Using Tim’s jars…

Morning all!

When I first saw the jars that Tim had released (Idea-ology) I thought “Oooo-err, what can we do with these other than storage?”  Actually, when you think about them, there are quite a few things but my first thoughts (as a Yankee candle lover) went to those of a hanging candle jar to hang from my outdoor, garden umbrella. So, here we go, here’s my ‘Summer candle jar’…


My steps are as follows:

2015_SummerCandleJar01   2015_SummerCandleJar02

2015_SummerCandleJar03   2015_SummerCandleJar04

2015_SummerCandleJar05   2015_SummerCandleJar06

2015_SummerCandleJar07   2015_SummerCandleJar08

2015_SummerCandleJar09  2015_SummerCandleJar10

2015_SummerCandleJar11   2015_SummerCandleJar12

2015_SummerCandleJar13   2015_SummerCandleJar14

2015_SummerCandleJar15   2015_SummerCandleJar16

2015_SummerCandleJar17   2015_SummerCandleJar18

2015_SummerCandleJar19   2015_SummerCandleJar20

2015_SummerCandleJar21   2015_SummerCandleJar22

2015_SummerCandleJar23   2015_SummerCandleJar24

2015_SummerCandleJar25   2015_SummerCandleJar26

2015_SummerCandleJar27   2015_SummerCandleJar28

2015_SummerCandleJar29   2015_SummerCandleJar30

2015_SummerCandleJar32   2015_SummerCandleJar33




Whether you're a candle lover or not, many of you will appreciate the decoration of your picnic and evening entertaining tables.  Have fun!

Chris xxx


  1. this is really lovely chris. brilliant. x

  2. Love, love, love your alcohol inked jar Chris and your wonderful butterflies finish it off to perfection. What a great idea, thanks for sharing! Deb xo