Tuesday 6 September 2016

She's a dreamer

Hello! Can you believe that it's September already? It doesn't seem five minutes ago we were welcoming Spring! I wanted to make a bright a lively tag to counteract the dark night creeping in!
I started with a black tag and covered it in a haphazard layer of white paint. I then took tiny amounts of Paper Artsy translucent paint and rubbed it on the tag with Cut and Dry foam. You can see that the white underneath makes the colour pop and because I started with an uneven layer of white over black you can see areas of shade.
I added a layer of white paint to the tag just to calm it down a little and then using a light layer of grey paint I stencilled the face. I waned her to look as if she was emerging from the background so I used a light layer but you can use lots of layers or black to create a stronger image.
To finish the tag I added stamps, painty marks, an outline in pen and a quote. I didn't think it was quite finished so I added some blue paint and water to a spray bottle, give it a good shake and then sprayed that mixture on the tag. It just gives a final bit of interest...!
Thank you, as always, for popping by

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