Saturday, 18 February 2017

Zinski Playing Cards

Hello! Today I'm sharing some playing cards I made with my Elenazinski stamps. You might need a cuppa, there are a few steps!
I started by covering four flash cards with thin layer of Snowflake paint using a brayer. You can use Gesso for this too if you prefer.
Then I added a thin layer of Pixie Dust (fab name!)
I added Bora Bora through a stencil
Then I popped Yellow Submarine through a second stencil. This is the background step completed!
The next step is to make the characters. I stamped two of each character on the paper. The stamps I used are found later in this post.
Then I coloured them in with pencils -  I used the same colour scheme as the background, but just brighter than the background so they 'pop'. You'll see that I didn't colour the whole picture - that's because on playing cards you just see the heads and shoulders of each character.
To make sure I captured the extra details on some of the stamps I stamped the character on the card first. So on this card I didn't have to cut out the antenna! I masked the bottom half of the card with a post it note to protect it and then repositioned it when I flipped the card around.
For the symbols in the corners I used a heart stencil  and then for the spade symbol I turned the heart stencil upside down and then drew in the base. I used a diamond stencil but for the clubs I needed another solution! My daughter suggested using the hole in the top of the stencil and drawing the bottom on. It worked really well! For the letters I used an alphabet stencil.
The finished cards look like this:
Jack - I used this stamp
Queen - I used this stamp
King - I used this stamp
Ace - I used this stamp. You may have noticed I coloured two of these in - but I realised that the ace only has one image on it so I had to colour his feet in!
I hope you like these playing cards! Thank you, as always, for popping by.