Saturday, 28 July 2018

Sacred Secrets

I was incredibly fortunate to join a talented bunch of crafters at the recent Andy Skinner workshop at Country View Crafts. I have found that the best way to put into practice what you've learned is to do the techniques at home. So this project is the sum of what I learned!
The original kit I used was the Sacred Secrets kit. The picture on the front of the packaging shows what's in the kit but as there's no picture of it made up then you can really use your imagination! In writing this blogpost I've seen that there's a sample on the website so if you'd like more inspiration click on the link above.

I started by making pieces look rusty:

  1. Use a watery wash of Paynes Grey
  2. Add a coat of Quinacridone Gold
  3. Use a very watery wash of white paint
  4. Add another coat of Quinacridone Gold

Then for the background (and sunburst up to step 2)

  1. Paint the background generously with Chocolate Pudding
  2. Paint a thinner layer of Caribbean Sea. When dry, sand and add a very watery wash of white paint
  3. Use a watery wash of Paynes Grey and allow some drips

To make the frame more interesting, glue the off cuts from the cogs to the frame. Make sure it's very dry before making it look rusty.
For the heart I used gold paint and some numbers left over from the workshop kit
The finished piece looks like this:
Thank you, as always for popping by and thanks for the tips Andy!

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