Monday 8 April 2019

Good Times with Wildflowers - Brenda

I have soooo fallen in love the new wildflowers from Tim Holtz I decided to make another card with them. This one is rather bold and striking, definitely not my usual colour palette.

Process steps
Spritz the back of the doily stencil and sprinkle over sunset beach infusions. Lay over the card panel and rub over with a dry piece of kitchen paper. Remove, heat dry and edge with age mahogany distress ink.

 Gather together some ephemera pieces to make a little collage .......

 ..... and adhere the flowers and sentiment over the top.

If I were to make another of these now it would take less than half an hour but the thinking time and die-cutting time (I cut 6 different colours of flower!!!) took me several hours to get it right. BUT .... I actually really like it now I've got it done. I hope you do to.

Have a lovely April.

hugs Brenda xxx

Bumblebees and Butterflies

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  1. Wow, l really like the colour combo. Really effective with just a few elements xx