Monday 8 June 2020

Antonis Tzanadakis Pier 9 Webinar

Happy June to you all.

Some of you may know that Antonis was due to visit Country View Crafts back in May to hold his only UK workshops in 2020.  As expected, these had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

To our delight, Antonis put together two webinars, with the promise of more to come.  If you missed these webinars you can still book and enjoy them through this link.  

I have to say I was slightly sceptical at online webinars.  Having been lucky enough to attend a few workshops with Antonis in previous years I knew that. as a tutor, he is brilliant.  I always walk away inspired and with a project that I love.  So I was apprehensive that I would feel the same buzz without a face to face workshop.

But.... it didn't disappoint.

Here is my finished project:

For the first time in a very long time I got 'lost' in my crafting.

I won't say how I made this project as that wouldn't be fair to Antonis and to the students that paid for the class, however, I can point you in the direction of the products I used.

The Pier 9 webinar centred around the Stamperia Mechanical Sea World papers that Antonis designed (these are absolutely gorgeous, just don't tell him I told you so).  Even after my project I still have loads of these gorgeous papers left over for other projects.  The project was built on a MDF panel which fits the papers perfectly.

The gears and clock hands are all part of the greyboard kits that are available.

The glues that I used were a revelation to me.  I thought I knew glue and what was good.  Well, I now have new favourite glues!  The Extra Strong glue really is strong.  It held my octopus that was made from plaster really well.  The mixed media glue is amazing!  As well as being a good glue, it acts as a brilliant sealant too.  I loved using this glue.

The piping background stamp is fabulous - created great detail on my distressed panel.

I also used one of the detailed stencils that Antonis released.  There are plenty to choose from too - all would work on this project.  I used the Glossy Gel through the stencil - this gave a lovely effect of the finished project.

The tags and images were mount onto Stone paper to give them some strength.

The paints were really lovely to use - they have a good consistency and you don't need to use much.

So, there we have it!

I even broke through the fear of the final 'ageing' stage!

I totally loved the end result.

I'm looking forward to the 'Lost Worlds' webinar next.

What is great about these webinars is that you can do them in your own time.  You don't have to do them on the release day and you can pause as many times as you need.  You can also go back and watch the webinars as many times as you want.

If you fancy trying this project you can still purchase it here.  

Thanks for joining me.  

Happy crafting!


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