Monday, 20 January 2014

A reminder it's 2014!

A slightly belated Happy New Year to you and yours! I had a lovely Christmas and New Year - we spent lots of time, just the four of us, playing board games as well as seeing family but there is something that is inevitable - that at the end of the festivities, when normality begins again, I can never remember to write the new year in dates! So this year I made a reminder from Art Parts!
To make the numbers I used a texture fade on sheet of metal card (or you could use mirror card) and then coloured it with Alcohol Inks. I then stamped the numbers onto the card and cut it out. A really simple way to make the numbers look really effective - looks great on a child's birthday card too!

Whilst I had some Alcohol Ink left on my dabber I painted the Art Part frame with white paint and then dabbed the left over ink over the top - looks ever so effective! How are you remembering to write the correct date?


  1. Ha ha! I think I need one of these too, certainly last week at work I was putting 2013 on things... Great idea Gabrielle.

  2. Great idea Gabrielle and I love the colours and textures you have created. Jennie x

  3. Great idea, looks wonderful!