Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Poppies and wheat calendar tag

If you’re looking for some simple gift to give your friends and neighbours to wish them  a Happy New Year what simpler than a calendar tag? This is a bright and cheerful one I've made for my neighbour who loves her garden and the countryside - flowers and birds especially:

Starting with a manila tag painted with Honey dew Fresco and left to dry whilst I cut the poppies out twice:

Paper patch the poppy heads and whilst they're drying cut some wheat ears for the contrast (if you don't have the wheat die then you can use ferns or similar) and stick them on the bottom of the tag:

Add the poppies over the top and don't worry if some of the wheat stalks look as if they're flying in thin air as we will come back to them shortly:

Cut a 'landscape' mask from a sheet of paper and add the sky with Ice blue Fresco dabbed with Snowflake for the clouds. Cut a piece of matching green card to use as the grass overlay and stick it over the poppies:

Use any of your birds in flight dies to add context to the sky before tying some lace at the top and adding your calendar block:

Here's your quick and simple tag calendar:

Thanks for visiting, have a fab week - more at the weekend,

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