Friday, 22 August 2014


When it comes to household tasks, I love to procrastinate!!! I really enjoy coming up with credible reasons to avoid doing the washing - more specifically the resulting ironing! So when I found this quotation (by Dana Spiotta) it really spoke to me! I often start a project by finding the quote first and this was very much the case here.
The background was created with a palette knife, building very thin layers of paint. The red paint was a little too strong so I wiped it off with a baby wipe - it looks better as a hint rather than a bold statement! Then I used a circle stencil and used cut and dry foam in paint to make circles - then I added a little white paint to the original colour to make it lighter. Where you see green paint it is a mix of the blue and yellow. With the stencil back on the circles, I stamped a number stamp so the design is just in the circle.
I stamped four shirts and three pens onto tissue paper and painted the reverse. I used the pens as props to hold up my washing line! If, like me you love words then our current challenge is for you! Why not have a look and join in?

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