Friday 26 May 2017

This is Art

I am really enjoying adding pages to my journal that I'm just letting happen without planning them out beforehand. I tend to grab the nearest paints, inks and stamps to hand and just see what happens!
My favourite colour combination is Bourgainvillea and Beach Hut with Snowflake so those were the nearest paint colours! I started by putting my favourite pink on the page (the tape is there to protect the opposite page) with some white paint using a paintbrush:
Using an old gift card I put more pink and white on in a random pattern. The colour looks different thanks to sun going in and out on a very cloudy day!
I added blue through a stencil:
Then I added all the stamping to the page using Everything Art 03 for the main images and Zinski Art 01 for the chains. I stamped the large circle and two paintbrushes on some card and coloured them in.
As a final flourish I added a sentiment to the bottom of the page (highlighted in white pen). To make the sentiment, I build up the words on an acrylic block so I know they will fit before I stamp them. Remember to build the word backwards! I used Everything Art 05 - I LOVE this alphabet!
And that is that! I hope you like my journal page - do share your pages made with what you have to hand!

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