Saturday 30 June 2018

ATC inspiration

I have blogged recently sharing my gel prints and I just can't stop using my plate! Today I thought I'd share three quick ATCs that you could easily turn into a card, journal page or a host of other ideas! If you would like a reminder on how to use your gel plate, please see this post: Flowers are smiles
Using my gel plate I printed this A4 card in the following order:
  1. Print a layer of Caribbean Sea
  2. Print a layer of Snowflake
  3. Print a layer of Granny Smith
  4. Print a layer of Snowflake
  5. Add Banana using the Tracks stencil
  6. Add Bougainvillea using the Gothic stencil
Cut three ATC sized pieces from the page (reserving the rest for a future project!) An ATC is 2.5" x 3.5"
This little chap is from the fourth Zinski Art set. I stamped the chap on a piece of white card and the ATC so that you don't have to cut out his antenna!
This ATC was finished in the same way as the first. The quotations on all three are from Chatter Design Tape - I cut the phrase from the tape and adhered it to the ATC.
To tie the three together I used a black pen to frame each ATC, white pen for the highlights and the circle stamp.
Thank you, as always, for joining me!


  1. Love these cards.
    Brill idea to decoupage the image and antenna still shows. Love it. Thank you for sharing.

  2. these are fabulous Gabrielle