Friday 22 June 2018

Faux Encaustic Mixed Media

Today I would like to show you a new way to use the DecoArt clear modeling paste and I am using some Andy Skinner stamps and an old PaperArtsy one too.

Scrape medium layer of modeling paste over the board.
Heat dry until a skin forms but the paste must not be dry right through. Take your stamps. spritz them lightly with water and press into the modeling paste to create texture. Add some inclusions to add height. (Leave space for your fish to be added on).

Either heat dry or let the board dry naturally so that the inside of the paste is totally firm then paint it with white gesso.

Use colour sprays or paint washes to add some colour to the texture and again dry the board.

 When the board is completely dry again take a palette knife and spread a layer of clear modeling paste. Let it dry - I left mine overnight.

This is what it looks like when you come back to it. The modeling paste has given it a milky almost encaustic look.

All I had to do was add some something on top. I found an old PaperArtsy stamp which I thought was quite apt as I hadn't put any fish in the water. As the surface is rather uneven the stamp didn't quite come out as crisply as I wanted it to I went round the letters in pen.

If you fancy having a try at this technique you can find the clear modeling paste on the shop website HERE.

I hope you like the faux encaustic idea and if you use it please let us know.

Thanks for stopping by.

hugs Brenda xxx


  1. Thank You for sharing this technique Brenda x Love the textured details of the stamps on the paste and the wonderful colour combo too

    Hugs Annie x

  2. Love the effect you got, as you say "faux encaustic", great feel of the seaside :D XXX

  3. WOW! It looks amazing. Thanks for sharing them:)

  4. This is beautiful! Cool idea as well!
    Jackie xo

  5. Wow! What a genius technique! Never heard of clear modeling paste, and now that's on the list! Hugs!

  6. Great piece of artwork Brenda x

  7. Love it! It's a beautiful piece Brenda x