Monday 18 November 2019

Tracy Easson Visits Country View Crafts

Good morning and happy Monday. It's Sue here sharing a project that I made at a recent Tracy Easson workshop - it's the Little Book of Wishes.
I didn't actually make this at Country View Towers as Tracy was there the day before we flew to Spain. Neil refused to do the 350 miles round trip or change the flights to Luton. I know, selfish or what!
Luckily Tracy was a little (lot) closer to home the week before and I managed to sneak a place, so put the cats in the kitchen and prepare to fall in love with mice.
 I'm not saying how the book was made as it's a class that Tracy is still teaching. I will say that it was great fun and I can't wait to take another of her classes.

This is the front cover. Tracy provided everything including thread and the lovely badge.

I just love Matilda Bottoms, she's so cute!

And Morty is such a handsome chap, always with his head up to the sky.

This is page 3. I really enjoyed working with the fabrics, not something that I had ever done before.

This is the middle where we added some paper pages.

And the other side with some fabric clouds added. This is the very sweet Betsy Bottoms.

Lots of words on this page.

And I've added a Tim Holtz die cut to this one.

The lovely Matilda started the book so it seemed only fair that she should end it too.

And finally the back cover with a fabric badge that I made - I never thought that I would say that! I know that I machine stitch my cards but I've never actually made a garment - I've only just progressed to stitching a hem. It was so relaxing to just sit and sew and I really enjoyed finishing my book (though it did take about 10 days, I just wanted to keep adding bits and bobs)

I do hope that Tracy comes back next year, if she does my name will be the first on the list.
All of her stamps can be found here in the store. Have a lovely week, and thanks so much for looking x


  1. WOW what an awe inspiring project! All our crafty fixes in one. I keep saying I am going to make a fabric book from all my random embroidery pieces. You may just have kick started me(if I can get ahead on christmas lol) XXX

  2. Love, love your book. I am determined I will undertake a book making. Thanks for the fabulous inspiration.

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