Tuesday 10 May 2016

Correspondence Art (again ........)

Hello fellow crafters and welcome to my first project for this month which is another correspondence art page in my single layer stamping book.

I am really enjoying hunting through my stamps to see how I can combine them on these single layer postcard sized pieces. I hope I am not boring you, but the end is nearly in sight as I now have a lovely pile of pages for my single layer book. So perhaps I'll do the covers next month!

This is a pretty photograph heavy post, but I thought I would take you through the steps I took to get the 3D look in a single layer.  My apologies to those of you who are pros at this - this is for beginner stampers who like me couldn't really figure it out until I got to grips with it!

I started with what will be the uppermost stamp on the page using Archival Ink. I stamped it again on a piece of post it note and cut it out neatly around the edges in order to cover it up for more stamping.

Next the bottle behind the word was stamped and again a copy made from a post it note and stuck down over the top.

At this stage I decided to add some text (in Distress Ink) which will end up behind both of the original stamps.

The postcard stamp was added using Archival Ink and then the lovely chappie from the Mercantile stamp set got another airing and a double in a post it note. Again I used Distress Ink to get a lighter tone.

You can see how I manage to get the stamp on the sticky bit of the post it note so it just sticks down lightly. All you need! The stamp in Distress Ink will now sit behind Mr Mercantile.

And before I took everything off I gave everything a splatter (Distress Ink) and blended some ink through a layering stencil in order that the faces and journal quote remained clean.

Then its hey presto! time when you remove the post it notes and all those lovely layers of stamping are revealed.  It amazes me every time (but then I'm easily pleased ........!).

And to prove it is completely flat ......... !

As I have said before I love doing these little postcard size experimental stampings to give me ideas for birthday cards which need to be put in the post.

Thank you so much for joining me today - I really appreciate it.

Jennie x


  1. Love the combination of stamps you've used and the way you have collaged them together. Fabulous layers and results xxx

  2. I love it Jennie and a brilliant idea xx

  3. Love the end result here and masking is a great technique. Tfs Annie x