Sunday, 19 May 2013

Filigree hanging photo' frame by Chris W

This pretty little hanging ‘photo frame has actually been made using the Sizzix Decorative Border Die by Jen Long-Philipsen! I think we all want to get the best out of the craft tools we buy, particularly our dies, so thinking a little more laterally to see what else they lend themselves to is a constant challenge. The idea for this piece leapt out at me as soon as I took it out of its wallet. If you have limited funds for buying gifts for birthdays and Christmas then you too can turn this border die into something special for a loved one.

Simply cut out the border once in packing cardboard, twice in standard card and once in craft metal (or mirriboard). Glue them one on top of each other sandwiching the packing cardboard between the normal card and then the metal one on the top. (TIP: The die isn’t completely symmetrical so make sure you have the layers the right way round before you attempt to glue them together.) This forms the hanging frame.

Draw a circle onto plain card using the outer circle of the die as a measure and use this circle as a guide to trim your ‘photo. Glue your ‘photo circle to the card circle and glue the very outer edge of this and stick to the back of the hanging frame and allow to dry. Use craft gems and a miniature artificial flower to decorate the frame and simply loop a piece of tied ribbon around the scrolled top.

A matching set of these frames with pictures of the grandchildren makes a terrific Christmas or birthday present for grandparents and costs just pennies to make.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, we hope to see you again soon.

Chris xxx


  1. Great idea, it looks beautiful, a unique gift.

  2. What a treat of a make... and you're so right about it making a lovely gift idea!
    Alison x