Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Krafting Kidz #1

This is for those of you who are looking for something to keep the kids quiet for an hour or so. I will post a very simple project every Wednesday that children can make that won't take a lot of your time to prepare. The first is the Dogwood card...

You need a card blank (I've used size DL but you can use any), a piece of coloured card slightly smaller than the card blank, a corner punch, a branch die (I used the branch from the Spellbinder's Cherry Blossom set but any branch die or dry twigs from the garden will do), the Susan's Garden Dogwood Thinlits dies (or similar) and a sentiment. I recommend that you give them  waterbased glue and paints for this one [g].

The petals are all separate so the kids can have fun colouring or painting them all and then gluing them together. The steps are:

  1. Cut, colour and glue the petals to make the flowers
  2. Cut and colour the branch
  3. Cut the card for the mat & punch the corners
  4. Print/stamp your sentiment
  5. Glue coloured card mat to card blank
  6. Lay out the branch, flowers and sentiment into the positions your happy with
  7. Glue the branch in place followed by the flowers
  8. Add your sentiment

I hope this keeps them busy for a while. More soon...

Chris xxx


  1. what a lovely idea - I'm sure my girls would love to have a go at making this over the holidays! Thankyou xx

  2. A beautiful card and a great idea! I am sure there will be lots of happy children making this ! Hugs x trace x

  3. How sweet - what an enchanting die, and a great project for children.
    Alison x