Thursday 26 September 2013

I’m loving Tim’s Luminaire

I’ve just received Tim’s 3D Luminary and you’ll be pleased to know that with this die the instructions are in the packaging! Actually, it’s really quite easy and logical apart from the top which is dead simple once you’ve seen how it goes together. 

Those of you who know me also know that I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis in my hands so anything fiddly and faffy is a problem. Rest assured, although it looks fiddly when you’ve cut the pieces out it really is quite easy to put together.

You can see from these pictures that I stamped the body of the lamp with a faux newspaper stamp (you can personalize it even more by using Tim’s Seasonal Catalogue 1 for Halloween and Christmas or Seasonal catalogue 2 for birthdays, Valentines, other celebrations and Thanksgiving). You can use any punch or die that makes a suitable corner decoration to add to it.

PLEASE DON’T use genuine tealights in it, you can buy the faux, battery operated tealights in most homeware stores. This is what it looks like in the evening with the light switched on…

Have a great weekend. Please leave a comment if you have the time.

Chris xxx


  1. This looks great and may have to add the die to my wish list! It does look great x hugs x trace x

  2. Wow - that is really lovely... the newsprint stamping is a great touch. Shame not to be able to use a real candle though. What if one cut it out of tin cans, I wonder?
    Alison x