Thursday, 6 July 2017

I need cake

I love layering paint and often make projects with over 20 layers of paint in the background. I thought I'd share how I do this with you today!
Take a kraft tag and add Little Black Dress paint. I use an old gift card to add the paint and I don't try and get an even coverage because it's those uneven layers that help build interest.
Ok. This might seem daft but I then added a layer of Snowflake. The next paints I'm going to use are translucent and so the white paint helps make them zing!
Add a layer of Bougainvillea - again don't do an even layer 
Then add a little more white
Then some Beach Hut and a little more white
For the next stage use a little Cut-N-Dry foam and put white paint through a stencil
Then move the stencil a few millimetres in a diagonal direction and add blue paint
Do the same two processes with a star stencil (I used Bougainvillea  again)
Then I added numbers using the same two processes, a stencil and Banana paint
I love this little chap and the hat on the house from Zinski Art's new stamp set and I knew they would fit together! This is me cutting them out to make sure I was right! 
I coloured them in complementary colours.
Add a little black paint to the edges and white lines made from the side of your gift card. The arrows were die cut from black card using a old Tim Holtz die. I also added a scribbly line around the edge and some gold painty circles.
Thank you, as always for popping by!


  1. Love love love!! this tag.

  2. Fab, I love these stamps and all your layers really show them off x

  3. Love your designs and Zinski, too!

  4. This is fabulous Gabrielle!!

  5. I love these stamps and all your layers really show them off x