Wednesday 4 April 2018

Card topper or journal panel - you choose

Hi it's Brenda here today with a small panel or topper meaning you can choose how to use it OR just re-create the steps onto larger card for a laeger page or card blank.

Take a piece of media card and scrape some gesso over it and dry. Then take some of the mini Artistic Flair tab stencils - these are so cute and great for small projects - with a palette knife again scrape gesso through it creating random areas on the card.
When dry spritz little areas with water and with a brush dip some of the Amsterdam  Acrylic Ink Cool Grey into it, tip the card to let the colour swirl into the recesses etc. Dry and repeat with Burnt Umber.

Put one small drop of the Burn Umber ink onto a craft mat and smooch it into a smudge shape and quickly before it dries drag the card through it and the colour will transfer randomly.

Distress the edges and blend in ground espresso distress ink. The gather some little bits for a collage or add embellishments of your own and use as a journal panel or a topper for a card. I used a photo booth pic and a type charm with some of my collage scraps.

If you like this design you can find another made in the same way over on my blog - Bumblebees and Butterflies.

Thanks for stopping by.

hugs Brenda xxx