Monday, 15 July 2019

Eileen Hull House Ornament Die Bunting

Hi Everyone, just wanted to share the versatility of Eileen's new Ornament House Die. If you've been to Country View Crafts HQ before, you will know how much I love bunting and fairy lights and as soon as I saw this die I knew it would be one for me and to top it all, today my sample made it's way on to Hochanda thanks to the lovely Katie Skilton

 A really simple project. I used A4 Vellum sheets.

 Each sheet cuts enough for one house. Before cutting I decided that the vellum needed a little something and used the Andy Skinner Distressed Wallpaper Stamp (if you've not already got this, it's a must have and very versatile)

I cut each sheet into A5 and this fits nicely onto the BigShot with the die

As this a matboard die and I was using vellum, I replaced the top cutting pad with a crease pad so it did not cut through the fold areas on the die.
This is my little pile of stamped die cuts - ready to be folded and stuck together.

I used some spare ribbon and cut short lengths for each house. Thread through one of the holes, poke the fairy light in and then pass the other end of the ribbon through the other hole and tie. This secures the fairy light in place and that is it. It is really effective in the evenings but could not get a good enough picture but hopefully you saw them on the telly when they turned down the studio lights

Susan x


  1. Beautiful! Love this idea so much!

  2. This is such a clever way to use this die! And you've executed the idea perfectly!