Wednesday, 29 January 2020


Two of my favourite things in a bottle - Seth Apter and purple! I’m very lucky to have a sneaky preview of this brand new ink from Aladine, who have developed a new range of acrylic inks with Seth. It has a new delivery system, so instead of the usual dropper it has a brush, in what looks suspiciously like a nail varnish bottle! After my little play, I have to say it is very effective. The ink is a lot thicker than, say, Amsterdam, so you can gloop it on thick or water it down with a spray bottle.

For my quick play, I made a background on some watercolour paper with a selection of Seth’s mini stamps from Paperartsy. (here)

Then I applied the ink in as many different ways as I could think:
Splodged on thick with a palette knife
Wiped with a baby wipe
Dotted with the brush
Lines with the brush
Watered down and painted with a paint brush
Dobbed on then quickly pour on embossing powder. It dries quickly! You get some lovely bubbling effects if you slightly over heat it.
Make a dot, spritz it then pull the centre out with a needle.
Stamp with it - paint onto craft mat and dip stamp in. Wash stamp quickly!
Use the brush to roughly edge the paper.

I’m sure there are many more ways to use this amazing product, but I filled up my piece of paper! It will be available from about mid February.

Thanks for stopping by,

Celia x