Sunday 3 March 2013

Gilded Frame by Chris W

For some reason if I’m given a topic or challenge I seem to end up creating three things, lol. This gilded frame has to be the easiest and simplest to do of all! A frame (bought or made), gilding flakes, glue, a corner die and long enough for the gilding flakes to cure and you’re done. This is so easy that the kids could make it for you!
If you haven’t invested in some gilding flakes or metal leaf for your tool chest then I would really recommend some.
1 card photo’ frame (purchased or made yourself)
Mirriboard to match gilding flakes
Variegated gilding flakes (or metallic leaf sheets)
Gilding glue (eg Flitter glu or equivalent)
Claudine Hellmuth Studio matte glue
Double sided sticky tape
Spellbinder’s Shapabilities D-Lites ‘Garden weave’ die
Spellbinder’s die cutting machine (or equivalent)
Cutting mat
Inking sheet
Decorative metal embossing wheel or a thin embossing tool
Scalpel or craft knife
Clean dish washing sponge (hard one side, soft the other)
A dry rag
Prep the frame:
Follow the instructions that came with your gilding flakes/leaves to apply the glue and metal and leave to cure. When ready use the rough side of the dish washing sponge to remove the excess flakes/leaf from the frame. Remove all debris using the smooth side of the sponge and buff with a soft tissue.
Prep the corners:
Cut four corners from your mirriboard. I’ve left mine plain but you might want to embellish yours with flowers or gems so prepare anything further you want to add but don’t stick them to the corners yet.
Bringing it all together:
Glue your corners onto the frame and wait until dry before adding any further decoration (such as flowers, gems or bling). Your simple, quick frame is now done.