Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Recipe Book by Chris W

This is the last Easter post from me using the Easter die and stamp set. Even if you don't bother celebrating Easter this set is well worth having for the brilliantly useful egg dies as you will see!! This make is a little more difficult but still at an 'intermediate' level so nothing too hard.

If you don't have a basket die you can use a decorative oval instead.

Binding the pages with the Bind-it-all or the Cinch makes putting the pages together so easy. Simply wave a ribbon through the binding wires and tie at the top to add some interest.

Inside you can label and decorate the pages however you want to, to personalise to you or for someone else. Writing your recipes on a tag and slipping inside is a kewl way to keep them.

You could also change the orientation of the book if you so wish. Using it this way the book will stand up by itself.

Whether you shabby chic it, glam it, grunge or distress it, it makes a great little present. I know exactly who is getting mine and it's gone into the Christmas box already [g]. If you would like to view, download or print the instructions (with photo's) you can do so by clicking HERE.

Have a happy Easter everyone.

Chris xxx

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