Friday 6 February 2015

A Valentine taglet

Hello out there!  >:o)

As Valentine’s Day approaches I’ve used that inspiration to create a little taglet…

It’s quite easy to make so here are the steps if you’d like to make one…














These taglets make great substitutes for cards if you're looking to give something a little different.  You could also add a pocket inside if you want to give a gift voucher or a gift card to your partner.  Although I've used hearts and flowers this could also be made in a masculine version with tools, travel, sports or gardening embellishments instead.  Hopefully it's given you a little food for thought for one of those days you're looking for something different to craft.

Have a great weekend!

Chris xxx


  1. What a great taglet Chris with so many love inspired details. Thanks for all the photos too x

  2. How sweet... I love the three-way fold on the tag to make a really charming Valentine.
    Alison xx

  3. What a great idea! Beautiful taglet, thank you for your step by step.