Sunday, 8 February 2015

Seaside Treasure Box

Hello out there!

I’m looking forward to Summer today with this neat little seaside box…


There are a lot of steps to making this so grab a cuppa! lol

MarineBox01   MarineBox02

MarineBox03   MarineBox04

MarineBox05   MarineBox06

MarineBox07   MarineBox08

MarineBox09   MarineBox11

MarineBox12   MarineBox13

MarineBox14   MarineBox15

MarineBox16   MarineBox18

MarineBox19   MarineBox20

MarineBox21   MarineBox22

MarineBox23   MarineBox24

MarineBox25   MarineBox26

MarineBox27   MarineBox28

MarineBox29   MarineBox30

MarineBox31   MarineBox33

MarineBox34   MarineBox35

MarineBox36   MarineBox37






I hope you like this, you can make your own style of box simply by changing the colours, the stencil and the decorative die cuts.  >:o)

Thanks for taking the time to stop by today, have a fun one!

Chris xxx

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