Friday 6 March 2015

Original architecture!

Good morning all,

Sometimes I really struggle to come up with something for a guy when I’m asked to make a card for one I really don’t know.  For this card request, all I was told is that he is late 40’s, professional, possibly an engineer or an architect....?  Hmmmm……..


Here are the photo steps and the products used:

2015_OriginalArchitecture01   2015_OriginalArchitecture02

2015_OriginalArchitecture03   2015_OriginalArchitecture04

2015_OriginalArchitecture05   2015_OriginalArchitecture06

2015_OriginalArchitecture08   2015_OriginalArchitecture09

2015_OriginalArchitecture10   2015_OriginalArchitecture11

2015_OriginalArchitecture12   2015_OriginalArchitecture13

2015_OriginalArchitecture14   2015_OriginalArchitecture15

2015_OriginalArchitecture17   2015_OriginalArchitecture18

2015_OriginalArchitecture19   2015_OriginalArchitecture20

2015_OriginalArchitecture21   2015_OriginalArchitecture22

2015_OriginalArchitecture24   2015_OriginalArchitecture25

2015_OriginalArchitecture26   2015_OriginalArchitecture27





The lady I made it for liked it so I hope whoever he is, that he likes it too, lol!

Thanks for dropping by, have a fabulous day!

Chris xxx

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful male card Chris, love the colour palette and the subtle shimmer :-) xxx