Monday 8 June 2015

Eroded Metallics Workshop

Good morning everyone, Brenda here and I am sharing my project and class photos from our workshop on Saturday.

It was a great day with a fabulous group of participants who enjoyed the session and went away with six new techniques to create metallic effects using DecoArt projects, particularly the media range. 

I had devised and created six new techniques -

.... and we spent a large part of the day with me demoing and the group creating their own sample cards for each effect.

Everyone worked hard and got very involved in their samples and I had given each of them a sticky label with the process steps for each one to stick on the back so they could go home and create them all over again and use them as aide memoirs in the future. 

I had made a shabby/metallics box and a grungy/metallics box so everyone could choose one to make to keep their technique sample cards in but I knew there wouldn't be time to finish it all but everyone took home two boxes and all the embellishments to create both of them at home. All of the card embellishments were made using the eroded metallics effects.

I highly recommend the fluid acrylic paints for a variety of reasons and for mixed media work they are excellent value for money as you need such little paint to create your effects. They are made with fabulous quality pigments and heavily loaded with them so that a little goes a long way. They are more fluid than regular heavy bodied acrylics and blend well, they are also permanent, flexible and have great adhesion and therefore perfect for all the layers we create. Everyone who attends a workshop gets 10% off all products in the Country View Crafts shop.

My thanks to Sue, Cathryn Nikki, Chris, Linda, Margaret, Heather and Dan for making it a fun day on Saturday with lots of laughs and to Susan for bringing all the products over and creating a mini shop for people to top up their supplies.

Have a fabulous week.

hugs Brenda xxx


  1. Wonderful workshop - great techniques and good company. I have said it before,but I will say it again! Brenda's workshops are the best prepared I have been to - she delivers fantastic tuition and always provides written material to take home so that we don't forget what we did and how to do it. I highly recommend them. xxx

  2. Looks brilliant ... if you ever come to Bristol .....


  3. Looks like fun and fab techniques were learnt xx

  4. Looks brilliant. Would love to learn these techniques. Are you running this workshop again?

  5. Thanks for such lovely comments and for your recommendation Nikki. Unfortunately there are no plans to run this workshop again unless someone has a great venue in another part of the country. I don't mind travelling and bringing all the kit with me. Xx

  6. Oh how I wished I lived closer so I could attend one of your workshops Brenda! Lucky, lucky folks who get to benefit from your amazing talent, looks like a fabulous time was had by all!