Monday 14 September 2015

Latest Workshop

Hi everyone, Brenda here. As all my workshop devotees will tell you I don't do things by half and our latest workshop on Saturday was no exception. We had a fabulous group of people together and one who sadly fell ill on the day and couldn't make it, but oh boy did I work them hard. I had planned five brand new techniques using the DecoArt media paints and mediums and as always I underestimated the time I would need for me to demo them and for the group to practice them, but oh boy did they do a magnificent job.

I not only designed the new techniques but used them on a configurations book and filled it with textured and rusted die-cuts putting collages on the front and inside covers.

Front cover

Inside cover

Configuration boxes


Individual boxes

The die-cut collage elements were just painted with burnt umber, raw sienna and black acrylic.

The technique samples -

Weathered paint relief

Three colour distress 

Weathered wooden boards

Camouflage chippy paint

Faux granite

Metallic rust (used for the die cuts)

The fabulous group - Lynn and Jackie

Hazel and Nikki

Cathryn and Dan

Anne and Kate with yours truly demoing.

I hope you managed to get this far and to see what a great day we had and thank you ladies and gent for the wonderful feedback and ideas for next years workshops.

If you haven't tried the DecoArt media line I really do recommend it. The acrylic paints have a very high amount of pigment and are fabulous for painting and all forms of mixed media art work. They have been formulated to work seamlessly with their other mediums and included in the line are fluid acrylics, antiquing creams, misters, gessoes, mediums, crackles, varnishes, and textures. We used the black gesso, black modelling paste and sand texture paste with the paints to create our techniques, to rust the die-cuts and to colour he configurations box.

Keep an eye on the shop website for news of the next workshop which will be on the 7th November.

Have a great week everyone.

hugs Brenda xxx


  1. Lucky ladies having what looks an amazing workshop learning all these new techniques. Would love to have been along at this Brenda. Perhaps we need to move down there's a thought better weather and great craft workshops !
    Julie x

  2. Looks fabulous Brenda and I was really disappointed not to have been able to make it. I would love a play with these new products that look briliant. I always love your workshops.Fingers crossed re 7th Novbut that might be Daisy's 2nd birthday party! xx

  3. Oh for to live closer.... All the techniques look fantastic!! Stunning end result too!

  4. Fabulous...why are you so far away xxx

  5. Wow... that's a class-and-a-half of techniques, Brenda - they look incredible!
    Alison xx

  6. Lovely projects, fantastic ageing techniques! Wow!