Thursday, 26 October 2017

October Dyary Page

I am very much enjoying creating a weekly page in my Creative Dyary. I don't get as much time as I'd like to to be creative each week (working full time gets in the way!) however ensuring I do something creative at least once a week is very satisfying! The Dyary has a week planned out on the left page Monday to Sunday but there are no preset dates/months so you can start your Dyary at any time. I started mine in February and haven't missed a week! On the right side, some pages are preprinted with black and white drawings, some with coloured backgrounds. Here I've adapted one of the coloured backgrounds.
The backgrounds are pretty fabulous and really need very little work but of course I just can't help myself...! This was the background before I meddled!
Add Lemon Zest and Bubblegum paint to the page through a number stencil and then Squeezed Orange through a dots stencil.
Dylusions have bought out a fab set of background stamps where you get a stencil and a matching stamp. There are leaves, brickwork and cobwebs in either 9 or 12 inches to match your projects.The idea is to stencil the background and the stamp the detail in the foreground. Now, it's a terrific idea but don't feel limited to use these in one way - you can try this idea! Lay the 9" leaf stencil upside down and the wrong way round (so the word 'front' is showing like in the picture)
Use Fresh Lime paint through the stencil - try to have different lengths of leaves to create a bit of interest.
I drew round the leaves roughly in white ink, but of course you could use black!
Then, using the bottom portion of the leaf stamp, add some leaves in black ink.
Using Black Marble ink in a water brush, colour in the stamped leaves.
I added some stamped details from this fabulous Zinski Art set. I stamp the larger images because there are details that are hard to cut out! 
This is the finished page with a small sentiment from a terrific Emma Godfrey Halloween set.
Thank you, as always for joining me! If you'd like to see more of the Dyary pages I've created this year - please click here.
Gabrielle x

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