Saturday, 16 May 2015

A man's home...

Hello! I recently went to a craft show and you know what it's like when we all get together, we have a good old natter! One of the things that people wanted to see were more ways to use the paints and stamps we have and so I will, this month, show you two ways to use the same paints and stamp set.
The basic equipment we will use for both is:

I took lots of photos this month! I started by brayering a little blue on the page - you really don't need much more than a 5p sized blob of paint!
Then I did the same with the pink...
Then I added the white on top...
One that basics are done I like to add stencils and so I added those using the colours we'd already used.
I am using a lot of numbers in my backgrounds at the moment and this stencil is much used!
Using my brayer I added some white paint to a stamp and then stamped it in the background. Please clean your stamp after using paint - it will clean up beautifully using a baby wipe!
This is notoriously difficult to photograph!
I added a sentiment and drew round the letters in black pen. I often use white pen which adds a terrific highlight. I also added a scribble stamp.
So, with the background complete I stamped my image on tissue paper...
I painted the image using the colours we'd used before so the whole page ties in...
All that was left was to put it all together!
I hope you liked this page and later this month I'm back with a second version using the same main supplies!


  1. Like you I love my Frescos. This is fabulous.

  2. Wonderful journal page Gabrielle, love the background!