Tuesday 28 June 2016

Pointing the way!

The Crackle theme of this month's challenge over at Country View Crafts Challenges has been really good fun to join in with. As the month draws to a close I thought I'd share a final project. By the time you read this the grand end-of-exams-and-16th-birthday-party for my daughter will be over! We'll hopefully have done the washing up and tidied up (but there's no guarantees!) I wanted to ask our guests to be directed to come into the garden as we might not hear the door if we're outside and so this was made!
I started by covering an arrow shape in blue paint
Then I added a generous layer of Crackle Glaze
When thoroughly dry I added a layer of white paint - the cracks appear instantaneously - it's so much fun!
I sanded the edges and added some Archival Ink. I then used a baby wipe to remove most of the Archival Ink as I only wanted a 'halo' effect. Then to decorate I stamped out the balloons and presents onto tissue paper (they would have stood out too proud on paper as I sealed the whole piece at the end and tissue paper lies nice and flat)
The word 'party' was die cut from some pre-painted tissue paper. I added some gold stencilled stars and a stamped ones as well as an arrow.
Here's the sign in situ!
Hope you have joined in with the crackle challenge - if not - there's still time!


  1. hope F enjoyed her party and the end of exams (that bit's a given!). Love the sign.

  2. It's great Gabrielle. Hope the party was enjoyed by all. Freya certainly deserved it. Love the way the crackle worked on yours. I'm never very successful with crackle paints/glazes. I love to way this has worked on the arrow plaque.

  3. A great signage piece of art Gabrielle, perfect for the party xxx