Friday 18 August 2017

Mixed Media Layers

Hi it's Brenda here with a mixed media background and I'm still using the colours of the challenge theme for this month. You can find that here if you would like to enter it.

Begin by covering a piece of card with tissue wrap, decoupage paper or stamped tissue paper, (I chose to stamp my own design on tissue paper), adhere it with decoupage and when dry sand the edges to get it to size rather than cut it with scissors.

Scrape white gesso over the surface with a piece of plastic card or palette knife.

Paint painty layers of washes through the gesso and dry each layer before adding the next. By painting the washes you have complete control as to where they go on the substrate, the thickness of the paint and you can dab areas off with kitchen roll. This is so different to the dip, drip and dabble techniques I often use.

Take a little white gesso and a blending tool and foam and then apply through a stencil - dry.

Make up a 'dirty wash' using pin point amounts of paynes grey, phthalo turquoise and raw umber paints with plenty of water ....

  ...... and paint it over the surface and you will see how it immediately tones down the white gesso.

Mix some white crackle paste with some of the paints (I created a light blue and a light green) and taking the same stencil apply it over some of the clocks already.
 there. After it dries you will see the cracks appear.

To help the cracks show make a wash of raw umber and apply it lightly over the clocks and see the cracks appear and also create a more grungy appearance.

This is now ready to use for a journal pane or card background.

I will be using this for a journal page, if you would like to see how it is finished please pop over to Bumblebees and Butterflies where I have completed it ready to be inserted into the new journal when it's finished.

Thanks for stopping by today.

hugs Brenda xxx

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  1. I have been over to see your gorgeous creation Brenda and I have really enjoyed seeing how you brought it all together - so, so beautiful! xx