Wednesday 22 October 2014

Snowflake mobile

Hi, Amanda here with an idea for a quick Christmas decoration to add some festive cheer to a ceiling or window. I hope you like it!

First I painted 6 laser cut wooden snowflakes using a metallic pearl paint dabber. I applied two coats of paint on each side, allowing to dry in between each coat. It's a good idea to have a needle handy, in case the paint fills up any of the fine detail.

Then I cut a large snowflake from acetate. I used the packaging from the snowflake die. It was just a tiny bit too thick for the die, but it took very little to finish off the cutting with a craft knife. I painted the snowflake with two coats of metallic pearl paint too, applying the paint with big splodgy dabs to get a nice textured finish.

Once dry, I used a craft pick to make a hole in each point of the acetate snowflake. Next, I cut 6 lengths of white cotton approx 25cm long and tied each one to a wooden snowflake. I threaded on a seed bead, and looped the cotton through the bead again, then through a hole in the snowflake. I added a seed bead on the other side of the acetate snowflake and glued both beads in place, leaving 8-10cm hanging below (I varied this a bit for each snowflake). I made another hole in the centre of the acetate snowflake and threaded through a piece of cotton and a larger bead, then gathered all the ends of cotton up and passed through a jewellery crimp bead. I adjusted so that all threads were under tension, with the acetate snowflake level, then closed the crimp bead with pliers. Finally I looped the threads and passed through another crimp bead to make a hanger. I used a spare cotton to make the threading easier, like this:

Here it is again, all finished:

Thanks for visiting, and happy crafting


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