Friday, 26 December 2014

A Christmas notebook

Morning everyone!

My make today was a simple Christmas gift sent over to a lovely and generous friend in the USA.  As usual it comprises a mixture of brands and was a lot of fun to create…

Here are the photographic steps to make it:











Front top:

Front bottom:

Back top:

Back bottom:



You can make any version of this you care to and for any occasion!  If you're reading this Terry, HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!)

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful Boxing Day!

Chris xxx


  1. Truly lovely gift Chris. I am sure Terry was thrilled with this! Happy Boxing Day to you too xxx

  2. Yes I am reading this and I loved your generous Christmas package and this gorgeous Christmas notebook! I will treasure this always as well as our friendship! Thank you and Hope you also had a wonderful Christmas! Happy Boxing Day to you! Hugs!