Sunday, 16 August 2015

Summer but pastel…

Hello dear Friends,

It’s my turn to post today and I’m sharing an album I’ve made – pastel but most definitely summery, which fits in with the theme that we’re having over at Country View Challenges this month….


Here are my steps:

2015_CVCFloralAlbum01a   2015_CVCFloralAlbum01b

2015_CVCFloralAlbum02   2015_CVCFloralAlbum03

2015_CVCFloralAlbum04    2015_CVCFloralAlbum05

2015_CVCFloralAlbum06a   2015_CVCFloralAlbum06b

2015_CVCFloralAlbum07   2015_CVCFloralAlbum08

2015_CVCFloralAlbum09   2015_CVCFloralAlbum10

2015_CVCFloralAlbum11   2015_CVCFloralAlbum12

2015_CVCFloralAlbum13  2015_CVCFloralAlbum14

2015_CVCFloralAlbum15   2015_CVCFloralAlbum16

2015_CVCFloralAlbum17   2015_CVCFloralAlbum18

2015_CVCFloralAlbum19   2015_CVCFloralAlbum20

2015_CVCFloralAlbum21   2015_CVCFloralAlbum22

2015_CVCFloralAlbum23   2015_CVCFloralAlbum24

2015_CVCFloralAlbum26   2015_CVCFloralAlbum27

2015_CVCFloralAlbum28   2015_CVCFloralAlbum29

2015_CVCFloralAlbum30   2015_CVCFloralAlbum31

2015_CVCFloralAlbum32   2015_CVCFloralAlbum33

2015_CVCFloralAlbum34   2015_CVCFloralAlbum35

2015_CVCFloralAlbum36   2015_CVCFloralAlbum37

2015_CVCFloralAlbum38   2015_CVCFloralAlbum39

2015_CVCFloralAlbum40   2015_CVCFloralAlbum41

2015_CVCFloralAlbum42   2015_CVCFloralAlbum43




It maybe pastel in colour but it is, most definitely, a summery project.  Whatever photo’ you want to memoriate, an album is always a great way to portray them.

Have a great August,

Chris xxx


  1. Hi. I have just "found" your blog and I think your work is really great! And most of all...I just love to see how you make everything :)
    Thanks a lot for all the inspiration you give :)
    Wish you a happy Sunday :)

  2. Wonderful Chris, great colour palette and love all the texture and your lovely flowers!